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Publication Guidelines

Article Writing Rules

These researches must be unpublished research in other journals without abstract consisting of threehundreds words. Also researches be,ng edition phase in other journals isn’t accepted for publishing in International Journal of Anatolia Sport Science  The only current and original researches are published in International Journal of Anatolia Sport Scienece.

Articles must be printedn with Microsof Word Programme. The page order of article must be as below;

Language Publication: English

Paper Feed: A4 Vertical

Top Margin: 3 cm

Bottom Margin: 2,5 cm

Left Margin: 2,5 cm

Right Margin: 2,5 cm

Font Type: Times New Roman

Font Feed: 11 point fort he little

Paragraph Spacing: First 6nk- then 6nk

Line Spacing: 1,5

Direct References: must be printed as 2 cm inside from right and left of page and 10 type size

Article Layout :

  • It should be created as topic, author/ authors, their adresses, abstract and keywords ( Turkish-English),introduction, method, findings, argument, conclusion  and sources.

Article Topic :  Must be short and clear and  all the letters must be written in capital letters and bold  . Article title must be written in 13 point font.

Subtitle :  Must be written bold and first letters must be written in capital.

Authors : Names and surnames must be written in dark letters and surnames must  be written in capital. Footnotes should be added just below the names of the authors for their adresses.(  Authors must  not write their names to their articles while uploading to the system. Authors of the articles which pass the arbitral process are going to ask for adding their names to their articles.)

Abstract :  Must be added in English and Turkish to the journal and each must be maximum 300 letters and one paragraph and maximum five keywords. And it must be written in 10 point font.

Keywords:  Turkish and English keywords  must  be in alphabetical order and must not be more than five words. Keywords must be written in 10 point font.

Introduction:  This section must be written directly related to the study. The concepts in the research must be introduced and at the end importance, objectives and sub-objectives ( hypothesis and research problem) must be included.

Method : In this part research group, data collection techniques, data collection, analysis of data should be included as subtitles.

Findings :  Data must be described with short descriptions. Tables should be clear and understandable. Repeation of the findings in the table must be avoided in the text.

Abbreviations, Symbols and Measurements : Abbreviatons must be stated by the side of the word/words in brackets where they are mentioned initally in the text. 

Discussion and Conclusion:  Datas must be discussed and interpretted in accordance with literatüre in this part.

Book, Single Outhor:

Moon, J (2008). Critical Thinking An Exploration of Theory and Practice. Abingdon:  Routledge

Book Multiple Author:

Abisel, N., Arslan, U.T., Behçetoğulları, P., Karadoğan, A., Öztürk, S.R. & Ulusay, N. (2005). Çok Tuhaf Çok Tanıdık. İstanbul: Metis.

Book Edited:

Özbek, M. (Ed.) (2005). Kamusal Alan. İstanbul: Hil.

A Chapter in an Edited Book:

Kejanlıoğlu, B. (2005). Medya Çalışmalarında Kamusal Alan Kavramı. Meral Özbek (Ed.), Kamusal Alan içinde (s. 689-713). İstanbul: Hil.

If surnames of authors are same, author will be listed in references according to initials of author names.

Article With Single Author:

Aktay, Y. (1999). Aklın Sosyolojik Soykütüğü: Soy Akıldan Tarihsel ve Toplumsal Akla Doğru. Toplum ve Bilim, 82, 114-140.

Article With Multible Author:

Binark, F. M., Çelikcan, P. (1998). Mahremin Müzakereye Çağrılması

ve Yıldo Örneği. Kültür ve İletişim, 1 (2), 197-214.

Article in Electronic Journal:

Conway, P. (2003). Truth and reconciliation: The road not taken in Nambia. Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution, 5 (1).

If same author has more articles than one article in references, references will be listed toward new date from old date. The references having same date will be listed with letter. For example: 2000a, 2000b

If  DOI numbers of journal is available, it  will be indicated for example:

Von Ledebur, S. C. (2007). Optimizing knowledge transfer by new employees in  companies. Knowledge Management Research & Practice. Advance online  publication. doi: 1 0.1 057/palgrave.kmrp.8500141

If  DOI number of journal available, URL of journal will  be indicated for example:

Feminist eleştiri dergisi

http://cins. ankara.edu.tr/cansun.html

If original dates of classical manuscripts (Marx, Freud etc) are known, dates of manuscripts will be indicated end of reference as example : original work dated 1984.

Electronic Printed Books:

O'Keefe, E. (n.d.). Egoism & the cnsts in Western values. access

http://www.onlineoriginals.com/showitem .asp litem I 135

For references having electronic adress, URL of reference must be imndicated

Feminist Eleştiri,  http://cins. ankara.edu.tr/cansun.html

Electronic Articles (if DOI was available)

Von Ledebur, S. C. (2007). Optimizing knowledge transfer by new employees in  companies. Knowledge Management Research & Practice. Advance online  publication. doi: 1 0.1 057/palgrave.kmrp.8500141

Electronic Newspaper Article

Çetin, Ö. (2010, 21 Ocak). Televizyon alışkanlıklarımız IPTV ile değişecek. www.hurriyet.com.tr

Studies Having a lot of Volumes

Pflanze, O. (1963-1990). Bismarc and the Development of Germany (Cilt 1-3). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

In Text:

(Pflanze, 1963-1990)

Using Single Volume For Studies Having a lot of Volumes

Pflanze, O. (1990). The Period of Fortification, 1880-1898: Cilt 3. Bismarck and The Development of Germany. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

New additon of earlier edition

Smith, A. (1976). An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations. E. Cannan (Ed.). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (first edition  1776).

In The Text:(Smith, 1776/1976)

 Translation of book part:

Weber, M. (1958). The Protestan Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism. T. Parsons (Çev.). New York: Charles Scribner?s Son. (İlk baskı. 1904-1905).

In The Text:  (Weber, 1904-1905/1958)

Report and technical articles

Gencel Bek, M. (1998). Mediscape Turkey 2000 (Report No. 2). Ankara: BAYAUM.

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