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Instructions For Authors

Instructions For Authors

These researches must be unpublished research in other journals without abstract consisting of threehundreds words. Also researches be,ng edition phase in other journals isn’t accepted for publishing in  The Journal of International Anatolia Sport Science.  The only current and original researches are published in The Journal of International Anatolia Sport Scienece.

Articles must be printedn with Microsof Word Programme. The page order of article must be as below;
Language Publication English
Paper Feed A4 Vertical
Top Margin 3 cm
Bottom Margin 2,5 cm
Left Margin 2,5 cm
Right Margin 2,5 cm
Font Type Times New Roman
Font Feed 11 point fort he little
Paragraph Spacing First 6nk- then 6nk
Line Spacing 1,5


It should be created as topic, author/ authors, their adresses, abstract and keywords, INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION, REFERENCES.

Authors are required to submit the following:

  1. Copyright transfer form
  2. Name(s), affiliations, highest academic degree(s), e-mail addresses, and ORCID IDs of the author(s) 
Names and surnames must be written in dark letters and surnames must be written in capital. Footnotes should be added just below the names of the authors for their adresses. (Authors must not write their names to their articles while uploading to the system. Authors of the articles which pass the arbitral process are going to ask for adding their names to their articles).

Must be short and clear and all the letters must be written in capital letters and bold. Article title must be written in 13 point font.

Must be added in English to the journal and each must be maximum 300 letters and one paragraph and maximum five keywords. And it must be written in 10 point font.

Keywords must be in alphabetical order and must not be more than five words. Keywords must be written in 10 point font.


While citing publications, preference should be given to the latest, most up-to-date publications. If an ahead-of-print publication is cited, the DOI number should be provided. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references. Journal titles should be abbreviated in accordance with the journal abbreviations in Index Medicus/ MEDLINE/PubMed. When there are six or fewer authors, all authors should be listed. If there are seven or more authors, the first six authors should be listed followed by “et al.” 

Each citation in the text must be noted by surname and year in parentheses and must appear in the reference section as an alphabetic order. Example for citation in the text; a) for single author (İnce, 2017), b) for two authors (Sözen and Arı, 2009), c) more than two authors (Temel et al., 2011).

Journal article
Akova, B., Sürmen-Gür, E., Gür, H., Dirican, M., Sarandöl, E. and Kücükoglu, S. (2001) Exercise-induced oxidative stress and muscular performance in healthy women: role of vitamin E supplementation and endogenous estradiol. European Journal of Applied Physiology 84, 141-147.

Journal article in press
Gür, H., Cakin, N., Akova, B., Okay, E. and Kücükoglu, S (2002) Concentric versus combined concentric- eccentric isokinetic training: Effects on functional capacity and symptoms in patients with osteoarthrosis of the knee. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in press. 

Journal article in electronic format
Weigand, D.A., Carr, S., Petherick, C. and Taylor, A. (2001) Motivational climate in Sport and Physical Education: The role of significant others. European Journal of Sports Science (serial online) 1(4), (13 screens/inclusive page), October. Available from URL: http://www.humankinetics.com/ejss [Accessed 8 April 2015]. 

Gur, H., Şekir, U., Akova, B. and Kucukoglu, S. (2003) A multi-station proprioceptive exercise program in patients with bilateral knee osteoarthrosis: functional capacity, pain and sensoriomotor function. 8th Anual Congress European College of Sports Science, July 9-12, Salzburg-Austria. Book of Abstract. 404.


Guyton, A.C. and Hall, J.E. (1996) Textbook of medical physiology. 9th edition. London: W. B. Saunders Company.

Chapter in edited book
Wilson, C.H. (1984) Exercise for arthritis. In: Therapeutic exercise. Ed: Basmajian, J.V. 4th edition. Baltimor: Williams and Wilkins. 529-545.

Özyener, F. (2000) Effects of work intensity on dynamics of pulmonary gas exchange during exercise in humans. Doctoral thesis, University of London, London. 79. 

When submitting a revised version of a paper, the author must submit a detailed “Response to the reviewers” that states point by point how each issue raised by the reviewers has been covered and where it can be found (each reviewer’s comment, followed by the author’s reply and line numbers where the changes have been made) as well as an annotated copy of the main document. Revised manuscripts must be submitted within 10 days from the date of the decision letter. If the revised version of the manuscript is not submitted within the allocated time, the revision option may be canceled. If the submitting author(s) believe that additional time is required, they should request this extension before the initial 10-day period is over.

Accepted manuscripts are copy-edited for grammar, punctuation, and format. Once the publication process of a manuscript is completed, it is published online on the journal’s webpage as an ahead-of-print publication before it is included in its scheduled issue. A PDF proof of the accepted manuscript is sent to the corresponding author and their publication approval is requested within 3 days of their receipt of the proof.

Plagiarism (similarity) ratio report should be taken by the autor and sent with the manuscript.


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