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Uluslararası Anadolu Spor Bilimleri Dergisi [J Int Anatolia Sport Sci ]
J Int Anatolia Sport Sci . 2022; 7(1): 11-24 | DOI: 10.5505/jiasscience.2022.63835

Turkish Adaptation of Self-Talk In Sports Scale: The Validity and Reliability Study

Veysel Temel
Faculty of Sports Sciences, Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University, Karaman, Turkey

The self-talk scale (CCLS) was developed by Theodorakis et al. (2008). The aim of this study was examineed the validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the Self-talk Scale in Sports. The scale was applied to a total of 445 students doing sports actively, 202 females (20,47 ± 1.57) and 243 males (18,38 ± 2,89), with a mean age of 20,69 ± 1,61 years. In the analysis of the data, exploratory (EFA) and confirmatory factor analyzes (CFA) were used for construct validity and the Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient was used to determine reliability. Construct validity findings were consistent with the five-factor structure of the original scale (χ2/df (237,11/311) = 2,81, RMSEA = 0,04, GFI = 0,95, CFI = 0,93, NFI = 0,96, IFI = 0,91, AGFI = 0,89). It was determined that the Cronbach alpha reliability coefficients of the scale ranged between 0.74 and 0.95, and the test-retest reliability coefficients ranged between 0,72 and 0,83. According to the results of the study, it has been shown that the Self-talk Scale in Sports has sufficient validity and reliability values on Turkish athletes.

Keywords: Athlete, Self-talk, Sports,

Veysel Temel. Turkish Adaptation of Self-Talk In Sports Scale: The Validity and Reliability Study. J Int Anatolia Sport Sci . 2022; 7(1): 11-24

Sorumlu Yazar: Veysel Temel, Türkiye
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