E-ISSN: 2548-0294
Volume: 2  Issue: 1 - 2017
1.Evaluation Of The Recreational Activities Of 9-15 Peer Group Children That Participate In The Project First Step Basketball With Efes Schools
Burkay Cevahircioğlu, Turgut Kaplan
doi: 10.22326/ijass.10  Pages 91 - 101
This project aims to evaluate the participation of 9-15 peer group children in the recreational activities ‘First Step Basketball with Efes Schools’. This research aims to evaluate the recreational activities of 9-15 peer group children who particapate in the project ‘First Step Basketball with Efes Schools’. This research consist of 9-15 peer group children participating in the Project ‘First Step Basketball with Efes School’ from thirty different cities in education years of 2006-2007. Sampling group of this search includes totally 280 children, between 9-15 years old, participating in the project ‘First Step Basketball with Efes Schools’.These children are choosen from seven different towns (Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Trabzon, Gaziantep and Erzurum) of seven different in this region. Fourty children participate in this cshools from each town, when the children are choosen, the importance of geopraphic position, population and culture are taken into consideration. A questionnaire is formed by two parts. The first part includes questions about children’s characteristic features with the second one is formed by the questions determining their evauation of their leasure time. The information acquired at the end of the research is transfered to computer environmend and analsed by SPSS.13 (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences). These acquired information is examined with techniques of frequency (f), percentage (%) and chi-square (X2) test. İt is applied that statically there is a meaningful corelation between life standart and some habits such as going to the theatre and cinema and watching tv. İt is shown that the higher life standart you have the more you g oto theatre and cinema and watch tv. Finally, in spite of the geopraphic position, population and culture differences, it is applied that 9-15 peer group children who participate in the Project ‘First Step Basketball with Efes Schools’ loves joining to recreational activities, evaluate their leisure timepositinely and prefere sportive recreational activities. Besides, it is understood that life standart is one of the most significant factors for individuals to attend cutural and art activities like going to cinema and theatre. İf we especially want to participate an activity which needs expenditure we should have a high life standart. Because of this it is thought that the students should be informed and supported economically and morally about cultural and art activities. So we will contribute to their governing in a versatile way.

2.The Compare Of Oxygen Uptake Kinetics Of Young Soccer Players According To Play Positions
Hamit Cihan, Erdal Arı, İbrahim Can, Bahadır Demir
doi: 10.22326/ijass.11  Pages 102 - 112
The purpose of this study was to compare oxygen uptake kinetics, ventilatory threshold of young soccer players
according to playing position and to determine relationship between oxygen uptake kinetics and ventilatory
threshold of young soccer players. Twenty-three young soccer players joined to study voluntarily (n=23; age:
19.8±0.4 years, body height: 179.4±7.2 cm., body mass: 74.2±7.4 kg., VO2max: 59.7±8 ml/kg/min.). The players
were categorized according to playing positions. The VO2max, ventilatory threshold were determined by
incremental treadmill test. Then, treadmill test at running velocity determined VO2max was performed and oxygen
uptake kinetics were identified by mono-exponentinal model. The time to achieve 95% of VO2max, spending time
at VO2max were accepted as oxygen uptake kinetics. The correlation among time to achieve 95% of VO2max,
spending time at VO2max and ventilatory threshold values of young soccer were determined by correlation anlyze
and differences according to playing positions were identified by one-way analysis of variance. It was determined
significiant negative correlation between time to achieve 95% of VO2max and spending time at VO2max (r=-0.526,
p<0.05). The no significiant difference among playing positions was found without time to achieve 95% of
VO2max. The centerbacks had higher time to achieve 95% of VO2max values than goalkeepers (p<0.05) but no
significiant difference among other playing positions was found (p>0.05). Consequently, it could be said that
reaching to steady-state level early during exercise could shorten time to achieve 95% of VO2max and increase
spending time at VO2max.

3.Evaluation Of High School Students’ Sporting Situations According To Some Variables (Karaman Province Sample)
Veysel Temel
doi: 10.22326/ijass.12  Pages 113 - 121
This study was done to determine whether high school students participating in sportive activities in schools have an effect on different variables of whether or not they play sports. The study group consists of 527 adolescent students studying at various high schools in Karaman city center. The Personal Information Form, developed by the researcher, was used to determine the personal characteristics of the students. Multiple regression analysis was performed to determine the causal relationship between dependent and independent variables in the study. SPSS (Statistical package for social sciences) package program was used to evaluate the data and estimated the values. According to the results, there is a low level of meaningful correlation between “doing sports and not” points and the variables of gender, age, how to spend leisure time and difficulty in evaluating leisure time. When the results of the t-test on the significance of the regression coefficients were determined, it can be concluded that gender, evaluation of leisure time and difficulty in evaluating leisure time are important (significant) predictors of sport.

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