E-ISSN: 2548-0294
The Journal of International Anatolia Sport Science - J Int Anatolia Sport Sci : 2 (3)
Volume: 2  Issue: 3 - 2017
1.Decision-Making Styles: Athletes Playing At University Teams
Kazım Nas
doi: 10.22326/ijass.25  Pages 195 - 207

2.Examination Of Nutrition Knowledge Level Of Handball Players Playing In League And National Teams In Terms Of Some Variables
Hayrettin Gümüşdağ, Alpaslan Kartal
doi: 10.22326/ijass.23  Pages 208 - 215

3.The Evaluation Of Young Football And Basketball Players In Terms Of Different Agility Tests
Erdal Arı, Ercan Çakmak, İbrahim Can Nefesoğlu, Tuğçe Karatopak, Abdülkerim Özden, Cihan Gürbüz, Gül Özsoy
doi: 10.22326/ijass.26  Pages 216 - 226

4.Investigation Of Effectiveness Of Body Composition In 8 Weekly Aerobic Exercise Applied To Obese Ladies
Hayrettin Gümüşdağ, Alparslan Kartal
doi: 10.22326/ijass.24  Pages 227 - 236

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