E-ISSN: 2548-0294
The Journal of International Anatolia Sport Science - J Int Anatolia Sport Sci : 5 (3)
Volume: 5  Issue: 3 - 2020
1.Use of Complementary and Alternative Treatment Methods in National Wrestlers: A Phenomenological Analysis
Hayrettin Gümüşdağ, Burcu Vahapoğlu, Ömürhan Çetiner
doi: 10.5505/jiasscience.2020.05025  Pages 21 - 28
This study is complementary and alternative treatments of Turkey Wrestling National Team athletes and how it is perceived by Turkey Wrestling National Team athletes were made to determine what their perspectives on this method. Phenomenological design, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the study. The study group in Turkey Wrestling National Team athletes constitute four male athletes. A semi-structured interview form was used to collect data in the study. Content analysis method was used in the analysis of the collected data and it was interpreted using quotations within the framework of the questions determined before. According to the findings, which complementary and alternative treatment methods are used, which of these methods are known, by whom these methods are accessed and under what conditions they are used in 4 categories are given in tables. While it turns out that the most used complementary and alternative treatment method is acupuncture, we see that athletes are aware of these methods thanks to physiotherapists and their friends. In addition, it has been revealed that the treatments that athletes are most familiar with are medical leech therapy, ozone therapy and acupuncture. Athletes consider these treatments as a complement to medical treatments and continue these treatments in the presence of expert physiotherapists. One of the suggestions made as a result of the research is that athletes can be informed about complementary and alternative treatment methods by experts through seminars and conferences.

2.Metaphoral Analysis For The Teaching Staff Concept Of Physical Education And Sport Teachers
Hayrettin Gümüşdağ, Bekir Barış Cihan, Burcu Vahapoğlu
doi: 10.5505/jiasscience.2020.22931  Pages 29 - 36
It is very important to know how the concept of lecturer is perceived by students studying in physical education and sports teaching departments of universities, and what the perspectives of students studying in the department of physical education and sports teaching towards this concept are very important. This study aims to reveal the thoughts of the students of the physical education and sports teaching department about the instructors in their departments through metaphors. In this study, qualitative research model was used and phenomenological design was used. The study group consists of 70 girls and 80 boys, a total of 150 students from the department of physical education and sports teaching. To the students included in the study ‘‘ Teaching staff ……. is like because….... ". The data were obtained by asking the questions in the open-ended questionnaire that contains the statement. In this context, the metaphors developed by the students in the analysis and interpretation of the data were evaluated using the content analysis technique. Content analysis was performed by following the stages of naming, elimination, category development, providing validity and reliability, and interpretation according to the created metaphors. Among the striking results of the study, it can be said that the students produced the most different metaphors about the instructor in the negative situation dimension category, and the most frequently repeated metaphor was in the scientific category.

3.The Examination of Relationships Between Lower Extremity Muscle Strength, Vertical Jump and Anaerobic Power Parameters in Female Football Players
Necdet Apaydın, Alparslan İnce
doi: 10.5505/jiasscience.2020.19484  Pages 37 - 45
Aim: Purpose at this study is to examine the relationships between lower extremity muscle strength, vertical jump and anaerobic power parametres of women footballers.
Material and Method: Study was realized with 23 women footballers playing football at 3rd Women League of Turkish Foorball Federation. Height measures were realized by using stadiometer branded Holtain, body weight measures were realized by using analyzer branded Jawon Body Composition Analyzer branded Model X-Scanplus II, Lower extremity strength measures were realized dynamometer branded CSMI Humac Norm, vertical jump measures were realized by using mat and imaging device braded Witty Microgate, anaerobic power and capacity measures were realized by using bicycle ergometry branded Monerk Ergomedic 894E. Statistical analysis of data obtained at the study was realized by using statistic packet programme SPSS 25.0. Shaphiro Wilk was applied for normality test of data. Multiple Regression Analaysis was applied to determine the relations between independent and depended variables and meaningfulness value was accepted as p<0.05.
Results: Age averages of footballers were detected as 17.17±1.19, Height averages as 160.46±5.96, body weight averages as 54.23±8.73. When the effect of lower extremity muscle strength on anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity were examined, variables of NDom 180º/sc extension and Dom 60º/sc flexion have been being seen to have a meaningfull effect (p<0.05). Variables of lower exremity strength on vertical jump height were detected not to have a meaningfull effect (p> 0.05).
Conclusions: Consequently, it was determined that the relationship between isokinetic strength of lower extremity extensor muscle groups and vertical jump, anaerobic power in female soccer players increased at high angular velocity values. However, it could be said that the relationship between isokinetic strength of lower extremity flexor muscle groups and vertical jump, anaerobic power decreased depend on increase of angular velocity.

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