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[J Int Anatolia Sport Sci ]
J Int Anatolia Sport Sci . 2022; 7(3): 26-31 | DOI: 10.5505/jiasscience.2022.75047

Sociological Relation of Sport and Gender Concepts

Efecan Tezcan1, İdris Yılmaz2
1School of Physical Education and Sports, Gümüşhane University, Turkey.
2Sport Sciences Faculty, Trabzon University, Turkey.

Aim: In this study, it was aimed to investigate the information obtained from the literature about the sociological relationship of sports with gender, how sports went through processes in societies in the historical process, what kind of position it is in between social class and status.
Method: The research was conducted using qualitative research methods. It is a compilation study to explain the concepts of social class, status and stratification in history, depending on the sociological relationship of the concepts of sport and gender.
Results: In the historical process of sports, it can be thought that social class differences, status assigned to individuals in society and sociological stratification concepts may be related to gender. It can be seen that sports have a more patriarchal structure from ancient times to the dates of the renaissance and reforms.
Conclusion: As a result, the concepts of gender and sport can be thought to be related to certain historical events in societies. In ancient times, sports could be done for war in societies, but as time progressed, some sports branches started to appeal only to the bourgeoisie, so sports in which money was at the forefront emerged. In some studies, there is an opinion that women are in a relatively handicapped state compared to men, therefore, more men can do sports and be successful. Women exist mostly to realize the social role and status assigned to them. Today, scientists argue that since women and men are considered equal in sports, as in every platform, individuals should have equal rights regardless of gender.

Keywords: Sociology, Gender, Sport, Society

Efecan Tezcan, İdris Yılmaz. Sociological Relation of Sport and Gender Concepts. J Int Anatolia Sport Sci . 2022; 7(3): 26-31

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