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Uluslararası Anadolu Spor Bilimleri Dergisi [J Int Anatolia Sport Sci ]
J Int Anatolia Sport Sci . 2022; 7(3): 14-25 | DOI: 10.5505/jiasscience.2022.93585

The influence of sports gymnastics on the motor skills of female students

Raid Mekic1, Bojan Bjelica2, Nikola Aksovic3, Benin Muric1, Izet Kahrovic1, Oussama Gaeid Chortane4, Milan Zelenovic2
1Department Of Biomedical Sciences, Study Program Of Sport And Physical Education, University Of Novi Pazar, Serbia
2Faculty Of Physical Education And Sport, University Of East Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
3Faculty Of Sport And Physical Education, University Of Niš, Serbia
4Higher Institute Of Sport And Physical Education Of Ksar-said, Universite De La Manouba, Tunis

Introduction and Aim: The wealth of movements and positions in sports gymnastics allows the person who exercises them to create a huge fund of motor knowledge. The aim of the research is to determine the impact of the sports gymnastics program on the motor skills of female students.
Materials and Methods: The research was conducted on a sample of 15 regular female students aged 20-22 years ± 6 months. The experimental program of sports gymnastics was conducted for the duration of 15 x 2 hours during the week. A sample of specific motor tests for sports gymnastics: push-ups, pull-ups, sweeps, long jump, trunk lifting, leg lifting, lunge, squat.
Result: Based on the applied T test for paired samples, a statistically significant difference was found in all tested variables.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that the sports gymnastics program significantly raised the level of motor skills among female students.

Keywords: Women, Quantitative changes, Tests, Training effects, Gymnastics

Raid Mekic, Bojan Bjelica, Nikola Aksovic, Benin Muric, Izet Kahrovic, Oussama Gaeid Chortane, Milan Zelenovic. The influence of sports gymnastics on the motor skills of female students. J Int Anatolia Sport Sci . 2022; 7(3): 14-25

Sorumlu Yazar: Bojan Bjelica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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